Exploring New England: Day One

I love love love autumn colours, so I recently decided to explore the beauty I had been pinning to my Fall Pinterest board for the last year and take a road trip around New England, USA. During my research in planning the trip I was a little afraid as a lot of the advice I came across indicated I might be in the area too late for peak colour, but in the end I was thrilled with everything I saw and everywhere I went. The scenery was nothing short of stunning throughout the entire trip — I often found myself just laughing at how beautiful the area was and that people actually get to experience this glorious season and all the splendour it brings every year.

Something that terrified me initially but actually turned out to be quite a blessing was the fact that I was unable to rent a GPS due to lack of availability, so I set off with the naive notion that I would be able to purchase a road map, only to be told every time I asked at a store or petrol station that maps are extinct because everyone uses GPS (helpful). I finally found a road map of New England at a visitors centre, but the fact that I had to navigate small towns with a map focused on the main roads of each state within the region meant I did get lost a couple of times, which was how I found some of the most stunning spots — the very best example of serendipity.

The first day of my trip took me from my car rental place in Boston, up the coast to Portsmouth, New Hampshire then just over the border into Maine for a delicious lunch of lobster on seasoned flatbread with balsamic and garlic cream and finally west to a little town called Deerfield where I would spend the night.

Boston to NH via Maine 016Boston to NH via Maine 024 (2)Boston to NH via Maine 039Boston to NH via Maine 059Boston to NH via Maine 066Boston to NH via Maine 157Boston to NH via Maine 187 Boston to NH via Maine 185 Boston to NH via Maine 159 Boston to NH via Maine 158 Boston to NH via Maine 131 Boston to NH via Maine 114 Boston to NH via Maine 106Boston to NH via Maine 217 Boston to NH via Maine 091 Boston to NH via Maine 090Boston to NH via Maine 071 Boston to NH via Maine 081Boston to NH via Maine 231Boston to NH via Maine 241Boston to NH via Maine 253Boston to NH via Maine 244Boston to NH via Maine 249Boston to NH via Maine 269 Boston to NH via Maine 274Boston to NH via Maine 001


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