Hello and welcome. I’m Courtney, a freelance writer and editor from Australia, serial expat and traveller currently based in Amsterdam. Travel, reading, writing, eating Asian food and taking photos are my favourite things, and are responsible for the creation of this blog (though the Asian food had little to do with it, apart from providing delicious brain stimulus).

I was bitten by an enormous travel bug at a young age, when my parents used to organise lengthy road trips and international backpacking adventures for the whole family. Since then I have managed to do a fair bit of travelling on my own. Most significantly, I have spent several years living in Europe on and off. It was during the time spent living in the Netherlands that my travel obsession really became an addiction, specifically during a summer trip to Italy with someone who is now one of my best friends (see her amazing travel blog here) and a great inspiration.

One of our vices on that trip was gelato, which is where the name for this blog came from; the concept behind the name ‘gelati for breakfast’ is all about living it up as much as possible, making the things you want happen and being open to new experiences, particularly when travelling.

On this blog, I relive my distant past and recent travels, as well as my expat living experiences. I hope you enjoy my musings as much as I enjoyed the trips and activities that created them.


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